Our Story

Saving Birthdays One Wish At a Time

We’ve always thought it was a little gross to have kids blow their germs all over a birthday cake.  The coronavirus pandemic has increased the focus on minimizing the spread of germs, but the candle blowing alternatives all too often steal the magic and fun.  Who wants to make a wish while fanning out a candle on a cake? 

Two inventor friends from Virginia took on the challenge of creating a product that allows you to blow out birthday candles without blowing germs all over the cake. After 17 prototypes and over 40 cakes, we are pleased to present you with "BLOWZEE".  Blowzee keeps your cake clean, while bringing back the birthday joy, safety, and wishes. Kids love it.  Parents love it.  Your guests will appreciate it.

We look forward to hearing about how your family enjoys Blowzee.  Let’s blow out the candles, not the germs!