Blowzee! The fun new way to blow out birthday candles without spreading germs all over the cake

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Blow out the candles, not the germs

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What is a Blowzee?

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How it Works

Blow into the open end to start the battery operated fan. Clean air is blown onto candles and germy air is redirected back toward the user.

The Science

Blowing on a cake may increase germ levels by over 1400%

and . . . . . . . . . . The Fun!

The Blowzee makes every party that much more fun!

Don't Just Take our word for it...

Such a great idea! I love this product and so do my kids. Thank you for putting the fun back into blowing out birthday candles.


This was a big hit. Funny how we used to blow on birthday cakes.


This is a really well thought out item and now, no more germs (ick) on the cake everyone is about to share

David A.

I love the concept! Covid has really changed the way I perceive a lot of things and now birthday cakes can be exciting again! No more extra seasoning on my slices.


Wholesale Opportunities

Do you own a bakery or party supply store? Contact us here to inquire about wholesale opportunities or brand licensing. "Blowzee" is an official product of Mach33 Ventures, LLC.